EZCast Dongle - Universal WiFi Display Adapter for Miracast, Airplay, and DLNA


Important Notice

Production of 1st generation EZCast dongles VMD-EZ151, VMD-EZ152, and VMD-EZ153 has been terminated since March of 2014, as there're too many copy dongles and dealers of different quality and pricing. We now offer only 2nd generation EZCast dongles VMD-EZ151i, VMD-EZ155, VMD-EZ156, and VMD-EZ154, EZCast dongle for Mobile Device VMD-EZ152M, VMD-EZ604M, and EZWire iPhone2TV screen mirroring HDMI cable for iOS, EZWire Phone2TV screen mirroring HDMI cable for iOS+Android.

For same reason , we never sell at Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, or the like, nor sell to the resellers on those platforms of multiple sellers of different levels. Our official online retail shops are www.fobshenzhen.com and www.miracastdongle.com only. Our customers are importers, OEM buyers, standalone online shops, and buyers from our EZCast dongle official online stores.

Every day we get many complaints and assistance requests due to the quality problem caused from the look-the-same dongles. We would like to support but are not always able to as we don't know what is inside the dongles. Victims suffered from the so-called xxCast dongles and similar ones bought from any other online stores would better turn to the sellers for assistance.

All our bulk order customers(importers, OEM brands, agents) are capable for the support to their customers.

We're now focusing on better and most advanced WiFi screen mirroing gadgets and wireless presentation gateways with HD media player. For more inf please refer to www.realcastptv.com and www.wirelesspresentation.cn respectively.


Visonicom EZCast Firmware

All Visonicom EZCast dongle support OTA (Over-the-Air) upgrade, which means, the firmware can be upgraded through internet. When connected internet, in system upgrade UI, the EZCast WiFi display dongle itself will access our server and check whether there’s newer version available. When there is, the EZCast adapter will download the new version and upgrade automatically. We’re continually upgrading our dongle to work with more and more devices to keep the pace with the development of technology.
For firmware upgrade OTA please refer to our Quick Installation Guide or Manuals.

In case of OTA upgrading failure please follow the steps to rescue your EZCast dongle.

Visonicom EZCast Client Software/APK/APP

We have universal WiFi display utility to work across platforms for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS support. We also keep update the client utility from time to time to keep in steps of the development of technology. For latest versions of Client software/APK/APP, please refer to our server:

and select the proper version for you, or follow the instruction of the EZCast dongle boot up UI on your TV/projector screen.

For further assistance please contact us.

As the manufacturer of EZCast dongles, we're grateful for your interest in our EZCast universal WiFi display adapters.

From November 2013, we got continuous feedback from the end users, complaining the problem of EZCast dongles, especially VMD-EZ152, which is known as M2. The problem claimed focuses on WiFi failure, connection failure and iOS support problem. After investigation we found out what the customs complained was not our genuine dongle but some copy dongles. Also due to the copies and too many dealers, the market was in a mess already. We cannot stop the copiers' behavior but we can stop ourselves to produce it anymore in March 2014.

Like most product you can always get copies from China, and it is wrong in chasing low price. To do so please take the risk of product failure or unexpected. We are responsible for our distributors/agents/resellers/OEM buyers and their customers but we cannot 100% satisfy the victims of copy dongles as we don't know what components are inside them.

Learnt from VMD-EZ152, we've taken steps and try to make the market in order for the new EZCast dongles. Dealers and users' benefit are getting guaranteed.

Besides the universal DLNA support for Android (4.0 and above), iOS, Windows and Mac OS to push files;
EZCast dongle supports Miracast(please refer to EZMirror) for Android smart phones and tablet PCs, and for Windows PCs;
EZCast adapter also supports Airplay(please refer to EZAir) for iPhone, iPad and Mac PC and Macbook;

What's more, There're universal EZCast client software support for Android (4.0 and above), iOS, Windows and Mac OS to cast screen content (video, audio, picture, file, camera) to HDTV or projector. For illustrations please refer to the EZCast User's Manuals.

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Universal EZCast support for Android (4.0 and above), for iOSfor Windows and for Mac OS;
DLNA for Androidfor iOSfor Windowsand for Mac;
Miracast (EZMirror) for Android, and for Windows;
Airplay (EZAir) for iOS, and for Mac OS.

EZCast Functions and Illustrations: EZCast for all OS, Miracast(EZMirror) for Android and Windows, Airplay(EZAir) for iOS and Mac OS, and DLNA for All OS

Visonicom EZCast WiFi display HDMI dongle is the ultimate device works across platforms of Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS thus support related devices such as Android smartphones and tablet PCs, iPhone and iPad, Windows desktop PCs and laptops, Mac PC and Macbook, etc. Visonicom EZCast is the only WiFi display adapter that supports Miracast, Airplay and DLNA all in one unit.

Below is the support list for the above mentioned supported devices respectively.

EZCast: To screen cast any content (video, audio, picture, files, camera, online streaming, etc) of personal device to HDTV or projector wirelessly. Personal screen will be displayed to large screen synchronously. Applicable for all support devices.
EZMirror: Equals to Miracast. Applicable for Android and Windows users.
EZAir: Airplay support. Applicable for iOS and Mac OS users.
DLNA: To push and play any content (video, audio, picture, files, camera, online streaming, etc) of personal device to HDTV or projector wirelessly. Only the current playing file but not the operation on personal device is displayed on the large screen. Applicable for all support devices.

Click the support icons to see manuals and some representative operation illustrations:

Personal Device OS Illustrations of EZCast Support Functions/Protocols
Android Smartphones,
tablet PCs...
andorid logo ezcast ezmirror dlna
iPhone, iPAD ios logo ezcast ezair dlna
Windows desktop PC,
laptops, etc
windows ezcast ezmirror dlna
Mac desktop PC,
mac logo ezcast ezair dlna